SMPL Support Services

Generally, SMPL will support the Solution as follows:

  1. Onsite level 1 (“L1”) application support (at the client location);
  2. Remote level 2 (“L2”) support;
  3. Remote level 3 (“L3”) support; and
  4. Minor enhancements and bug fixes.


Level 1 (L1) Support: L1 support would be managed by SMPL and this support will cover:

  • Primarily deals with incidents/tickets
  • Call logging support
  • Initial incident analysis
  • Super user support and user hand-holding
  • Receive calls/emails from Client and log into support tool
  • Categorize / Sub categorize tickets based on nature of calls
  • Resolve tickets and update the ticketing tool
  • If unable to resolve, pass ticket to L2 support
  • Update knowledge base / FAQ
  • Extract report from tool and send it to L2 for analysis
  • Communicate to Client / Stakeholders, regarding downtime/changes / Outages etc.
  • Usage issues support

Level 2 Support: SMPL will provide L2 support for tickets, raised by L1 team. this support will cover:

  • Resolution of issues related to Application support
  • Resolution of application issue related to business process support
  • Provide diagnosis and problem resolution for incidents received from L1 support and take it to closure.
  • Corrective maintenance once signed off by changed management  procedure
  • Resolution of defects like computation error, overflow, process failure, un recoverable error etc.
  • Ability to analyze calls, root cause analysis.
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis on severity 1 production errors and submit the report in predefined format to Client
  • Handle service requests and escalated incidents.
  • Update knowledge base / FAQ
  • Helps and mentors the L1 team to rise up the value chain and take more categories of incidents/SRS.
  • Escalate calls to L3 and track them to closure if not resolved by L2 team.
  • Data fetching, SQL Queries and ad-hoc reports generation

Level 3 Support: L3 support provided by SMPL, which  includes complex application support and any code level changes that needed to fix the bugs :this support will cover :

  • Software patches for defects within the base application
  • Support to the 2nd line support group as required
  • Provide diagnosis and problem resolution for incidents received
  • Using SDK to be able to make minor GUI related changes and Configuration
  • Minor updates/modifications to Database. Ability to do minor configuration changes
  • Application related defects resolution and architectural changes
  • Coordinating for Issue resolution of major software license revisions, excluding version migration
  • Proactive expert advice regarding application upgrades and potential impacts.
  • Expert services consulting to the 2nd line support group as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should we take eSSMS for our School/Institute/College?

eSSMS helps the organization to cut down working hours of the staff and increases their efficiency, therefore the staff can use that time for other important academic works and welfare of students and supporting management. Also with eSSMS 80% of expense of the organization on stationary is reduced. Thus, we guarantee that eSSMS cost is recovered within the first 6 months of implementation in the organization.

Q: How eSSMS is implemented in our organization?

As soon at the company receives the purchase order for product, within 7 days the team of engineers, install and deploy the solution in the campus. Immediately after this the training team starts conducting training sessions for the staff members or each department respective to their modules. Hardware, Networking & Data entry work is the responsibility of the organization purchasing the ERP.

Q: How will we get support for eSSMS after installation?

eSSMS Support Team are available on all working days from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM online. If the user has communicated the problem by e-mail / phone, the call-handling consultant may log a call in call registration system. The call will be assigned to one of the consultants on the helpdesk team. The consultant, as per the priority assigned to the problem will give the initial (First) response.

Q: Is this a ready to use product or the you will develop it for us?

eSSMS is a complete, fully functional and time tested ERP solution which covers more than any other solution available in the Market. Still eSSMS provide Customizaion to our Clients to there Clients.

Q: What will happen when the technology on which this solution is made gets outdated?

eSSMS is developed on the latest Microsoft technology platform, as the technology gets updated new versions of eSSMS will be available in the market from time to time. The client can upgrade the solution that he has and get the benefits of the new versions at discounted price.

Q: Can we export the reports into word, excel or pdf formats?

Yes, the reporting format of eSSMS is very flexible and the reports can be easily exported into formats like .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf etc.

Q: Can the program work as per our desire?

Yes, We can modify the program to satisfy your needs.

Q: Can eSSMS be implemented in phases to suit the budget?

Yes, We have flexible price structure to suit every budget you can implement the system in phases and can still enjoy of the complete ERP.

Q: What about the confidentiality of eSSMS?

The whole operation and information it generates is confidential, Customer decide authority levels for use of eSSMS Some can get only reports, while some can update it also. Top management can get the overview of all reports of all modules. Control of user authentication will remain with he administrator(s).