eSSMS Overview

eSSMS is an “End to End Solution“ ERP capable enough to meet process and manpower related applications in an educational institution/chain of educational institutions integrated with the power of Workflow/activity Management. The technical capability of “Online-Offline Process Integration” through the user-friendly digital interface helps to achieve 4 level of excellence within an institution.

Level of excellence


  • Accurate, real-time visibility of the performance, based on the structure and activity mechanism
  • Captures and presents the meaningful information in a quick and handy way

Compliance and regulatory

  • Able to adapt to, and demonstrate compliances with changing legislative and administrative mandates on a real-time basis as per the nature of educational institutions
  • Meets compliance and regulatory as per defined rules

Budegtorry control

  • Capable to accurate budgetary control to improve financial and operational performance

Participent satisfaction

  • Raise the positive experience at individual level of students, academic/non-academic staff, management, etc in a Customized manner
  • Instant service and gratification to each participant-special focus on differentiation as each participent is different

Improving organizational effectiveness and accountability through essms solution built for educational institutions 

Key Benefits

  • Ease of operation as per the environment—educational institution/chain of educational institutions, regular/diversified courses, etc
  • Streamline and standardize processes and increased efficiency and scalability
  • Value enhancement through structured automated management—Student Life Cycle , Academic, Non-academic, etc
  • Fiscal accountability to parents, taxpayers, funding sources, and oversight agencies
  • Enhanced transparency, productivity and control through single window administration in-line with compliance and regulatory requirements— Quick decision making by ensuring data consistency, accuracy and timely information visibility
  • Strong competitive Standing through effective standardized global operating practices
  • Capable to meet changing academic/non-academic operational challenges in planned/unplanned business scenarios
  • Integration of all stakeholders at a technology platform to achieve healthy organizational scorecard

eSSMS New Version

  • eSSMS user can run the application on local network environment without using the internet and once data is entered , it can be synchronized to Online System as and when required . Same process is applicable from Online to Offline mode
  • Advantages- Fast application, Limited internet connectivity required, next to real time data, 24*7 data availability
  • Once School administrator creates and updates all department related policies, and map with related functions of a school’s wing and their academic session, it can be modified as and when required
  • This module helps the administrator to make policies and the MIS module supports the implementation and tracking of policies. Overall, it offers an advantage to track the utilization of all resources, cost calculation etc
  • eSSMS—A responsive platform
  • eSSMS works on responsive platform which is compatible to mobiles, tables , offering an ease of same working experience as on laptops/desktops to access all data points/information