Examination Management System/ CCE

The CCE guidelines were prescribed by the CBSE board, one common fear among teachers and principals was regarding the implementation of this system in their respective schools. This is because preparing the CCE report card manually is a very tedious and impractical way of functioning in today’s age of technology.”CCE Smart Report” has been designed to remove this fear from academicians and make preparing CCE reports cards an easy process.

Some Features

  • Internal Assessment
  • CCE Exam Management as per CBSE
  • CGPA Calculation, 9 point / 5 point grading
  • Subject/ Sub Subject/ optional subject mapping for each exam like FA1, FA2, SA1 etc
  • Grading pattern setting
  • Marks Entry & Remarks entry
  • Indicator entry
  • Automatic indicator remark
  • Term wise attendance calculation
  • Health profile updating
  • Dynamic general remark
  • Grade calculation
  • Report card generation